Project Recommendations

Recommendations from the project, together with detailed reports and guidance documents are published on the Resources page.

Key recommendations are:-

  1. The archaeological sector must champion the value of archaeological archives
  2. The storage and access crisis can be solved at a regional and national level
  3. Effectively manage transfer of title and copyright for both orphan and newly created archives
  4. A standard framework on archaeological archives to be required in all briefs and Written Schemes of Investigations
  5. Improve communications by developing OASIS
  6. Enable preservation of, and access to, digital archaeological archives
  7. Establish Continuing Professional Development training programmes
  8. Ensure that that opportunities to engage communities in accessing archives are maximised

There are two more detailed reports, one on Museums and Public Engagement by Kate Fernie of 2Culture and one on Development Management Archaeology and Archaeological Contractors by Paddy McNulty.

In addition there is guidance on capital funding from Section 106 Agreements and the Community Infrastructure Levy. Other sections include cost modelling and promoting research.


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