Workshop sessions – Exeter and Bristol

Two workshop sessions were held in Exeter and Bristol in early November 2017. Presentations from the sessions are downloadble as PDF documents. Notes from the discussion sessions will be available later,

  1. Seeing the Light of Day: report recommendations – David Dawson, Wiltshire Museum
  2. The true cost of collecting – Lorraine Mepham, Wessex Archaeology
  3. Written Schemes of Investigation: enabling archaeological archiving – Paddy McNulty
  4. Digital archiving – what to do – Kate Fernie, 2Culture
  5. Rationalising collectins: emerging themes – Gail Boyle, Bristol Culture / Society for Museum Archaeology
  6. Improving communications – OASIS – Louisa Matthews, Archaeology Data Service
  7. Sharing Standards: an experience from Gloucestershire – Alexia Clark, Museum in the Park, Stroud
  8. Public Engagement: Royal Albert Memorial Museum – Thomas Cadbury and Jenny Durrant, RAMM
  9. Public Engagement: Swindon Archaeology in context – Stefanie Vincent, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

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